Howdy there! I'm Alex, and I work as a graphic designer for Kammok, here in Austin, TX. After graduating from Texas A&M University in the spring of 2016 with a major in Visualization (focused in Graphic Design) and a minor in Business Administration, I received an incredible opportunity to work as a graphic design resident for The Austin Stone Community Church. Developing my skills as a graphic designer while also pairing up with a mentor to grow in my own character and personal development was an incredible opportunity for me as I moved to a new city and entered into the regular workforce. This has proven to help me communicate respectfully and clearly to keep the project ball rolling while establishing trust and strengthening relationships with my co-workers.

I absolutely love communicating with, supporting, and encouraging people and most often get to do that through my design work. My passion to create allows me to partner with a wide range of individuals, businesses, and non-profits to effectively accomplish their marketing and branding goals. Through those partnerships, I get to help them tell their unique story to an ever-growing audience.

Outside of the office, you most likely find me grabbing a meal with my friends, watching the latest Alamo Drafthouse release [still working on getting to that Top Brass tier] , scaling up a mountain with a thirty-pound pack on my back, or enjoying some local Austin, Texas tunes with a couple of pals. I value respect, good company, genuine passion, new adventures (especially elephant-related ones^), being active, and encouraging those around me that there is always a reason to have hope.

Thanks for stopping by!