Sandcastle Kingdoms


2018 Beach Camp

Though many of us aren't too fond of our pimpled teenage years, high school students are at a highly impressionable time in their lives. What they choose to be a part of, who they spend time with, and the people teaching them during those four years can dramatically impact the direction of their life. Past the exciting promise of a week on the beach, Beach Camp gives students have a chance to build healthy relationships with their peers and with men and women who care to mentor them and encourage them. Our challenge was to drive interest and excitement leading up to the retreat as well as incorporate current teenage targeted trends into an immersive, week long experience that would not be soon forgotten.


Environmental signage
Social media images
Motion graphics
Printed assets

Merchandise & apparel
Art direction

The Austin Stone Community Church


Interest & Engagement

Our STUDENTS Ministry Team at The Austin Stone Community Church has always been a really exciting team to work with. They know that high school and middle school students are a tricky age to design for since visuals can fatigue quickly if not kept fresh with new elements. For this summer, they wanted the brand to be heavily influenced by the current popularity of hip-hop/rap culture into the theme of "Sandcastle Kingdoms." There is a lot of creative energy and attention on hip-hop culture right now and it was a rewarding challenge to research and conceptualize how we could incorporate elements from current trends to not only catch students’ attention, but to also invite them into a week-long experience that went beyond dope rap lyrics and cool dances moves.


Blackletter styling has creeped it's way back into the spotlight a few years ago thanks to several mainstream artists like Kanye and Macklemore incorporating it into their album covers and merchandise. The STUDENTS team liked the vibe and swagger that the blackletter style gives off but wanted to incorporate a more "medieval" feeling and dull-colored aesthetic so that the brand could better connect to the theme of kingdoms. I had worked on the branding for the previous years retreat and was excited to update the bright and rounded "BC" beach camp logo as well as create a new mark specific to this year's retreat theme, "Sandcastle Kingdoms."


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