Alex Bartlett is a graphic design resident with The Austin Stone Community Church.

A Bit of Revival


November is here and I am now almost two blog posts behind, my apologies! Between getting sick and out of town I didn’t make space to send out an update.

As I’ve been backpacking in Arkansas, on a trip to Portland, and have just returned from a trip to Atlanta, I’ve had a lot more time this fall then ever before to not only rest but have an abnormal daily experience to refresh and reset my mind on why and what I do for a living; a moment to reflect. In these moments of reflection, I’ve come away with a few key points.

   1. I really do enjoy being with people.

Sure it’s a bit obvious that I would enjoy socializing with a buddy or two, but what I’ve come to find in my travels the last two months is that I find it fun to chat up a stranger or make a new connection through a friend. Regardless of where I am, getting to interact with someone new in a positive way brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face as I walk away from the conversation.

   2. I need to be present where I am today, not tomorrow.

If I truly trust in God’s plan for where I am, then I need to start giving 100% of my efforts and energy to being present in that place and eager to invest in the people around me. I too easily slip into thinking about what’s next or fall into apathy when forming new friendships because I don’t know how long I’ll be around. How foolish am I do come to Austin for a season and not allow myself to put down any roots? Regardless of what God might have for me in 2018, I’m in Austin for the rest of 2017 and my life and interactions should reflect that.

   3. There will never be a day where I don’t need grace.

I’m continually more in need of grace and repentance than I will ever fully know. This is a big one. It seems that every day now I am reminded of how truly in need of grace I am as well as better understanding how tangible my need for daily repentance and turning from sin can be in keeping my heart, soul, and mind in a healthy position with God.

   4. Do something today.

That the best way to finish anything is to do a little bit of something every day. I have so many ideas and projects that come to mind that I’d love to make or do to get better as an artist yet I seemingly everyday fall into the trap of either not having the time or not having the knowledge of where and how to start. Putting these limitations on myself has made me feel stuck or paused as an artist. I’m always fascinated at what these big-time professional artists can do and how talented they are but remember when I watch a documentary or interview about how much work, labor, and late nights it took for them to get to where they are now in their careers.

In short, a lot has happened this month but it's just too much to write down without considerable write and editing to dictate clearly. I've been learning about myself, having better emotional health, as well as realizing how I'm wired and what I get to do for a living. I'm thankful for a season of learning and a bit of a soul revival.


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