Alex Bartlett is a graphic design resident with The Austin Stone Community Church.

To the Next One


So here we are, into a new year and still trying to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017 on documents. I've actually just turned 24 and want to say thanks to each of you for the kind messages I received all day. I've found that I can easily forget the quality of friends and family I'm surrounded with and love that birthdays are a way that we get to remind our friends and family that we do, indeed, love and care about them!

December was a bit hectic with design projects wrapping up but was also a good time spent with family. The Bartlett gang decided to a white elephant-esque trade of boardgame gifts and Christmas ended up being a board game palooza with the entire gang. I was really thankful to have that time with the whole family as I've started to learn that time seems to get rarer as the years creep by.

Outside of the holidays, I've started the process of thinking about what could be next for me once I'm finished here at The Austin Stone. What am I going to be doing from nine to five come August and September? The current answer is that I have no clue, but feel pretty excited about the opportunities I've been well prepared for that exist outside the church walls. Now the process begins getting everything prepped to start applying for jobs here in Austin or wherever they might become available to me.

With the future in mind, I've found myself thinking of the past as well. In a new year and a new age, I think one of the biggest things I've learned is that this residency is not going to fix me, it’s more likely to reveal more things about me that I don’t like about myself. I've spent a lot of time so far learning more about where I fail in personal character or in spiritual faith and discipline. Strangely enough, that has been an incredible blessing and I think a lot of the reason I signed up to be here in the first place. I wanted to have that junk stripped away so that I could start the next job with confidence that I've been given a solid foundation to continue learning and expanding upon.

So with the future beginning to loom ahead, I can only choose to do something today and that's what I choose to do. I'd love prayer for myself as I think through where God might have me be this August. I'd also love prayer for our team as we continue to strive to point people to Jesus with the work that we do.

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