Alex Bartlett is a graphic design resident with The Austin Stone Community Church.

With More to Come


This update will be short, stick around and read a little bit!

The end of May finds me in one of the more busy months of my time here at The Austin Stone. We are working on our Annual Partnership Renewal packets and that has thrown our work schedule into overdrive. APR you can think of as a budget review for the church but on Christ-centered steroids with stories of how God has been and is currently doing incredible work through ordinary people here in Austin. When I say we, however, I'm actually the only one on our team that hasn't really touched the project much at all. That's because although it's a really big project in terms of timeline/amount of content/etc., we still have five campuses worth of design work to do each week, and that's been my responsibility to maintain.

Between creating a brand identity for upcoming Austin Stone Worship online classes, branding several new campus-specific preaching series coming next week, working on branding our Summer Preaching Series, and the 10-20 other projects we get in the average week, you could say I've had a pretty full plate recently. It's definitely a lot of work, but the best part of it all is getting to remind myself that it's all work made so that specific people will come to know Jesus either for the first time or better than they ever have before. I've gotten to meet a very new believer recently as well as hear some great encouragement from some friends at other churches and hear how the things that The Austin Stone is doing as a church in terms of creativity and intentionality have had a rippling effect on people throughout Texas and the rest of the country. You're helping me to a part of incredible work that God is doing through people here in Austin. Don't forget that!

Outside of the nine-to-five life, I'm working on some freelancing work for some ministries and church plants that I'm excited to see sent out and used to get people excited to be apart of what God is doing through those organizations. I'm also in the beginning process of calling up each of my supporters, you guys, and asking if you would be in with me to support me financially and through your prayers for this second year of residency. It's been great to be reminded of my passion and joy for what it is I get to do and to tell each of you personally how thankful I am for the support I've received in all forms so far. I'd ask that, if you're willing, you would reach of to me with a text, phone call, email if you are on board for year two already. I will reach out to everyone, but that would help me greatly in trying to organize who to call and when as I'm still working this year during support raising and can't set up a time to physically meet with each of you personally.

That's it for May! Things are moving fast but I'm thankful for the reminder that it's important in every step of a busy season to stop yourself and think about where it is you are and if you still like where you're going. Good news, I'd pumped more than every to keep moving forward here at The Austin Stone as a graphic designer for this upcoming year.

P.s. I'm also cooking up some new ideas I have to revamp my personal website/blog as well as the email newsletter aesthetic that you've probably come to be just as bored with as I have. Please reach out with any prayer requests you may have. 

Thankful for you, reading this right now,


Alex, I'm ready to give!

Thank you so much for allowing me to do what I do here in Austin. If you are already a financial supporter but haven't switched over to our new giving system, PushPay, please sign up here as well!

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