Alex Bartlett is a graphic design resident with The Austin Stone Community Church.

Now To Something New


More than a year ago I wrote a blog post talking about this old muscle car my dad and I rebuilt together when I was in high school. If you haven't listened to it already, I turned that post into a podcast so feel free to listen to it here.

The podcast ends with my coming to a realization about how I could only truly enjoy the fruits of my labor if I had actually put the work into obtaining them. Through no fault of his own, letting my dad do most of the work on rebuilding the car meant that I was left feeling like I was driving his car around. But as I've come to the end of my residency and look back at two years of my life spent learning and working hard so that the Gospel might go out and repair people and this city, I'm so thankful that just as I thought one year ago, this time feels different than it did in high school. Not only am I proud of the work that I contributed to communicating the church's goals and message to the city, but also incredibly thankful for the people who have poured into me during my time there.

And I'm most thankful for each of you, my partners and supporters who have allowed me to experience all of this. Truly every dollar you chose to give to me and this church has done wonders in my own personal growth and development as well as to allow this church to communicate/teach/preach/and invite thousands of people across the city and the world to hear and know the gospel. You guys have given sacrificially to me for a long time and I'm so incredibly encouraged and thankful for it.

And so now I'm on to whatever God might have for me next. Though this is the first time in life there hasn't been a next door already open and ready to go when the primary door closes, I'm just as confident that the Lord will not abandon me in my time of searching if he's proven himself trustworthy this far. So I'm not sure what is next! I'm trying to stay here in Austin if I can and land a graphic designer position who whatever company might have me. But we will see! If there was ever a "last ask" I could ask of each of you for my residency it is that I would find a well-fitting job soon! I will be posting on facebook most likely when I land a new role so be looking for updates there.

Last housekeeping notes. Don't worry about your Pushpay accounts! Because I get paid in arrears, the money that is given this month is what will end up being my last paycheck for the work I did in June. I would greatly appreciate it if that check would be as close to its normal amount so let me have a bit more time to search and find a new role! The Austin Stone will automatically shut off each of your accounts by the end of the month so rest easy knowing that your work is done. I'm excited to see how each of you might use this newly regained income to support other Kingdom-focused efforts and help others like you have so generously helped me.

That's really all I have! If I'm ever in the same town as you or you're interested to hear more specifics of what I've learned and been able to be a part of during my time at The Austin Stone, never hesitate to reach out. I'd love to share more with you. There's just so much to potentially say but at this point, I feel it might just be best to say thanks.

Thanks for everything.