Alex Bartlett is a graphic design resident with The Austin Stone Community Church.

Thug Pug - The New King of Sweatshirts


The new king is here, check out the project now!


Into the Unknown

Creation is something that I’ve always fundamentally loved about what I get to do for a living. People pay me to make stuff look good, work well, and to excite and entertain. All of these outcomes make me thankful and excited to continue to push forward with my creativity. But trying new things can often be very daunting when you start to add up all of the unknown answers you don’t have to the myriad of questions that start to build up. That’s where I’ve been stuck for a long time with most of the ideas floating around my head. My notes app is full of “What if I created…” ideas that have yet to see the light of day. The unknown, the uncertainty, and mostly just the effort it takes to create something from nothing, just because you want to do it, has seemed to always be the hardest hurdle for me to overcome. That being said, I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been working hard to launch my very first passion project, a limited edition sweatshirt!

So the venture out begins! Apparel! Maybe 4-5 years ago now, my buddy Brandon and I stumbled upon a design idea we called the “Frame Gang” and had a ton of fun showing it off around town to all of our college pals. For years and years after we would periodically message each other with some hatchling of an idea of how we would start making and selling more of them, yet the hurdle of unknowns seemed to always slip in as a way to ensure we wouldn’t make any progress on it. Heck, we bought a domain name that’s sat unused for years now. Today all of that changes.

Today is different.

Today is different because so much has already been done that you’re not seeing. Today marks the launch of a 30 day kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to make one hundred of the funnest animal-themed sweatshirts that I’ve ever seen.

Why Kickstarter?

As I’ve begun to learn more about the online apparel world, the onslaught of behind-the-scenes work that must be address is certainly daunting. The real purpose behind me doing this as a Kickstarter, is that I want this passion project to go to those who really identify with the bizarre absurdity of a design like this. I want you to want it. Today the rubber hits the road. If we can’t hit the goal set within 30 days from today, I will not get funded, and we will not make these sweatshirts.

Why do I care?

Because hopefully you want one, or you at least want to see them get made! Look, Kickstarter truly is an “all or nothing” crowdfunding website. There is no way I have the funds myself to create all of this and then get people to buy them. I need people who are PUMPED about this sweatshirt to share it everywhere with their friends and family. One hundred people could be wearing this design by the end of March all over the United States. You could be one of those people! That is crazy!

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