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Breakaway Donor Book

Hosting thousands of students on a weekly basis in a  university’s largest venues doesn't just happen for free. For Breakaway Ministries to operate at the size and scope it does, and being the nation's largest on-campus Bible study, financial support is needed from people who understand and buy into the organization's mission. This year, the staff wanted to send their donors a beautiful gift to show them how their contributions have helped the ministry's efforts. The challenge was to create a book that allowed the photography to shine while also communicating relevant information that would be visually pleasing enough for donors to share with friends.


Book publication

Freelance work


A Gift and an Invitation

Word of mouth and the testimony of a friend can go a long way in gaining a healthy support team, so figuring out ways to get Breakaway's name in front of generous people is crucial. Thousands of college students’ lives have been changed through this ministry, and I was excited to work with the team to find a solution that would fully convey their gratitude and give donors an opportunity to invite others on board. A unique challenge was planning out how to take the same content and convert it into three different versions for three tiers of donors.


The Breakaway team really emphasized their desire for photography to be the shining star of the project. Donors don't typically get to see what happens weekly within the ministry,  so it was important to give them a window into a college student's experience. Where there were words, the team wanted to evoke feelings of confidence and maintain readability. I had worked on many projects with this team before, so I was able to maintain brand consistency with fonts agreed upon in previous projects. Using a bold san-serif typeface  let the numbers and statistics stand out strongly, revealing Breakaway’s true influence. The halftone textures provided an accent to convey a deeper sense of quality and attention to detail.

Breakaway is 100% donor funded and it is very important to our team that our donors feel involved in the mission of Breakaway and appreciated. This book is still kept by our donors and talked about today! It made a HUGE impact in our giving and connecting with donors.
— Rachel Thweatt, Breakaway Associate Director: Strategic Partnerships

Donor Booklet

This smaller donor booklet contains much of the same content of the larger book condensed down so that it could be easily handed out during events or given to smaller donors.


Donor Mailer

This mailer was designed to give people who were unfamiliar with Breakaway an glimpse into its impact. In flipping open the mailer, one would interact with new spreads in a way that was similar to the experience of reading the larger book.


Page photography taken by Lawton Cook


Can I get an upgrade?

My partnership with Breakaway has continued to grow year after year. They loved how these first books turned out so much that they asked me to create the 2018 Donor Book as well! Take a look at this dribbble shot for an idea of some of my favorite spreads from this year!