Presentation of a design challenge for Kammok.


Design Challenge

It has been so fun to get to think about all things Kammok for the last few days. In short, the quest is to conquer three areas of the team’s day-to-day needs; an email, a set of icons, and some neat apparel. My hope is to give the Kammok team a tiny peek into my brain and heart to understand how I create as well as how I get inspired.


Email design
T-shirt & print collateral
Motion graphics




01. Email


My goal with this email (click “VIEW EMAIL MOCKUP" to see it) was to build something that could be sent as early as today. I wanted this email to feel right at home with everything I've seen from Kammok's typically very singularly-focused emails. I chose the tagline “An ultra blanket for everybody” to continue one of Kammok’s goals that their products would be tools that help bring people together. “Ultra-blanket” hints to the reader that this blanket does more than just keep you warm. Showing both the front and back of the blanket also helps the user immediately start to see how this blanket might be different than the everyday blanket.

I chose to combine this product with a blog talking about home, specifically the blog that shows and demonstrates the Mountain Blanket in use. As much as I can, I love helping the audience make as many connections to their own lives as possible. Maybe reading about a group of people around a fire connects them to a favorite memory, and now they see the blanket as an instrumental part of helping make their favorite place even better. Plus, my interest is certainly peaked when I read the words “a group of dirtbags."

If I could take this further, I’d love to add in more detailed icons demonstrating it’s four main uses (as highlighted on Kickstarter), and/or some images of each of those different uses.

Inspiration gathered from Kammok’s website and from several previously delivered emails.



02. Icons

Gear loops for integration

Water resistant fabric

Curved cut for support


Icons can be an incredibly engaging way to explain an idea or demonstrate a feature without words. It harks on the classic design idea of “don’t just tell me, show me.”

My objective with the icon assignment was to create a series that would feel right at home with all of the other existing product icons on the site. I would continually reference the current Kammok icons and even place my icons around them throughout the creating process to ensure they felt at home.

I love creating icons, so it was fun to create in this style as well as figure out a way to take these to the next level. Below the full webpage mockup, I’ve added a bit of motion to the icon below to demonstrate potential use case as well as a tiny, more simplified icon shown next to current ones.

Inspiration pulled from other Kammok product listings + screenshot from kickstarter


Example mockup of what the icons would look like on a current Kammok site listing.

Bonus icons



03. Collateral


Collateral is where my brain can really go wild. I love simple and clean designs the most, but the thrill of adding a pop of organic movement and texture can be particularly eye-grabbing. For the summer series, I thought of a few different directions to take it, the first being a straightforward “Kammok'“ t-shirt and hat combination, with a retro color scheme. The next idea I think would be fun to continue to pursue is the idea of the word Kammok growing out of a roaring fire. The organic shape of the letters helping to form the flames. I’d love to continue ideating on this concept moving forward. Lastly, for the city-slicker design conscious in me, I’m a fan of sharp lines and clean edges. The third design speaks to the connectivity and interwoven nature that Kammok aims to perpetuate into everything they do. Nothing is un-intentional and everything is connected, like a tapestry of many fine-fabrics

A few examples of inspiration and ideation, including quick pictures of sketches



04. Bonus


This is still in the ideating phase, but I’m wondering where we could go with adding motion to Kammok line art designs. Perhaps it would be cool to add a more customized version of this to tutorial videos, or on insta-stories or elsewhere on social media we think could benefit from a little more buzz or energy. I would love to keep brainstorming possible ideas for this.